Identificação biológica e molecular de vírus detectados em espécies de cucurbitáceas provenientes do Estado do Tocantins

Nara Edreira Alencar, Antônia dos Reis Figueira, João Eduardo Melo de Almeida, Maurício Antônio Lucas, Luniara Bastos dos Santos, Ildon Rodrigues do Nascimento


Cucurbit crops may be affected by several virus diseases, which might cause up to 100% of yield losses. Due to its environmental conditions, favorable to the emergence of viruses, the state of Tocantins has shown a high incidence of virus diseases in the field. The main objective of this study was to identify and characterize, serological. Biological and molecularly, 25 virus isolates from pumpkin and watermelon collected in some regions of this state showing characteristic symptoms of viruses. Fourteen (56%) of the 25 isolates studied, were identified as Squash mosaic virus (SqMV). Seven of them were detected in Caserta squash and another seven in watermelon. The remaining isolates were identified as Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV). SqMV showed higher incidence when compared to the other Brazilian States, where it normally either have not been detected or detected in very low incidence. It shows the importance of SqMV for Tocantins region.

Key-words: Zucchini yellow mosaic virus, DAS-ELISA, RT-PCR


Zucchini yellow mosaic virus, DAS-ELISA, RT-PCR

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